Donating money

Once the computation for the FightMalaria@Home project is complete, we’ll need to validate the targets in a laboratory. Sadly, this will cost a significant amount of money. We hope that academic groups around the world will take the data that we will generate and test the targets in their own laboratories. But to ensure success, we would like to do some of this testing ourselves.

For that we need money. Lots of it. Money for salaries for at least one scientist, money for consumables (protein purification reagents, assay reagents), money for laboratory space, money for overheads, etc. etc…

We have already applied to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation for funding to cover the cost of this validation. And we are cautiously optimistic that they will like our idea.

But if they don’t, we would still like to try to validate the data. So we’re appealing to you for financial assistance also. If you’d like to donate money towards our validation effort, then please use the PayPal button below or go to our GoFundMe website.

Any donated funds that are not used for the validation of novel targets in malaria, or for replacement hardware to keep the BOINC server going, will be donated to the non-profit organisation Medicines for Malaria Venture. Please help us validate the targets.

If you would like to donate money to our laboratory validation effort, then please go here.

Many thanks,
Dr. Anthony J. Chubb